—Zola Wedding Websites

For the 2016 launch of Zola’s wedding planning platform, I designed over 20 flexible wedding websites that served as the base of the company’s wedding website product. I oversaw all creative implementation of the websites from trend research and assortment planning in the research phase to designing the PLPs and PDPs and working closely with engineers to develop the sites. I created designs that worked for a multitude of use cases, paying close attention to a seamless, beautiful mobile experience.


Wedding websites would become the most popular product in Zola’s suite of wedding planning tools and served as the basis for the launch of the company’s Invites + Paper product. Following the launch, I was able to outline templates, identify consistent structures and create guidelines that allowed the company to optimize the wedding website creation process and outsource design for future growth.

Photographer: Tracie Davis

Photographer: Tracie Davis